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Incubator for
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About TON Maker :


TON Maker Incubator is a startup support hub that equips startups with vital resources and advanced tools they need to drive innovation and growth in the industry.

TON Native & Multi-Chain

We support TON-native projects that are optimized the Open Network and can take full advantage of its capabilities. We're also consider the multi-chain projects that can facilitate interoperability or bring new functionality to the Open Network.


We provide a complete program to assist startups and expand their growth. Program includes mentorship, networking opportunities, access to a worldwide community of experts and investors, reviews of fundraising documentation, roadshows and etc

Our Partners

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Supported Projects

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Areas of Interest

TON Maker Incubator is interested in supporting projects that increase the decentralization of the Open Network without compromising scalability.


Products that are able to reinforce the core infrastructure and foster a strong developer ecosystem.

  • Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  • Validator tools to increase # of nodes


Scaled DeFi including interoperability, liquidity and data management solutions

  • Exchanges
  • Lending and borrowing
  • Stable coins
  • Yield
  • Derivatives
  • Custody


  • Governance
  • Framework & Launcher
  • Treasury Management

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The TON Maker is dedicated to investing in and supporting early-stage projects. It provides funding to startups through its pool of committed investors.


We equips startups with vital resources for success, including strategic partner network, technical integrations, and community access.

Mentorship Advisory

At TON Maker, we tailor support to meet each startup's unique needs. Ton Maker advisory board and TON in-house team offer guidance on technical development, token economics, roadmap planning, and more.


We creates a supportive environment for startups through Demo Day showcasing solutions and pitching to investors, connecting with influencers and media, and engaging with media for maximum exposure.

who can apply?

Projects contributing to public good via the TON blockchain or Early-stage and ideation stage projects looking to kickstart



How do we choose which startups to support?

We are interested in companies that would like to build on TON and help the ecosystem to grow. Any startup, anywhere in the world can apply.

How can we get funding for our startup?

Apply online. We will invite interesting startups to attend a 30-minute preliminary interview.

How else can Ton Maker support your project?

Network and Partnerships: we can connect you with key ecosystem players and help you to build the partnerships Incubation: we can assistance with product development, tokenomics, PR, and marketing to help your project grow and succeed

How long program takes?

3-month intensive program designed to help early-stage startups build and scale their products on the Open Network.

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